BME 147 - Quantitative and Statistical Methods for Biomedical Engineering

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Lecture Notes

Quizzes- homework to prepare  (no programmable calculators)

Labs- computer based homework

Final project and Teams/Designs


12/20     Oral reports

R 12/8    Midterm 2

T 12/6     Review                                   Projects due

R  12/1    Bayesian modeling                    Lab 5 due


T  11/29   Survival analysis               (return data and Rcode feedback)

T  11/22  GLM                                       Quiz 10 and data due

R 11/17  Special guest and GLM             Lab 4 due

T 11/15  FDA process and GLM

R 11/10    Ch16-regression                    Project proposal due    

T 11/8    Ch16-regression                      Quiz 9 (covering Lab3b)

R  11/3   Ch14,15 and Ch16                     Lab 3b due

T  11/1   Ch12 and assign final projects    Quiz 8 (covering Lab3a)            

R: 10/27   Ch11: DOE           

T  10/25   Ch11: ANOVA2             Lab 3a due  and  Quiz 7b

R  10/20   Ch11: ANOVA               Quiz 7a due

T  10/18   Ch10: two-sample