Tracy Holsclaw is a statistical consultant (emphasis in Bayesian modeling) and data scientist with a Machine Learning background. She has worked to model data in both the private and public sector.  As an applied statistician, she has worked in a number of fields finding optimum solutions to many real world problems.  


Bayesian residual plot

I am making available some basic functions that I use often.  If you have a recommendation about how I coded something or find a bug, please leave a comment.  I write R packages with a mix of R functions and compiled C++ functions (Rcpp library) for speed/efficiency.  Code is not guarenteed to work, use at your own risk.

R code and packages

Rcpp (R and C++) functions

Basic Regression Tutorial



  • SJSU  BME 147  Quantitative and Statistical Methods for Biomedical Engineering
  • UC Irvine
    • STATS 67 Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Computer Science (2013)
  • UC Santa Cruz
    • AMS 7 (Lab) - Statistical Methods for the Biological, Environmental, and Health Sciences (Fall 2007)
      • two sections and three computer labs
      • six sections
  • SJSU



  • PhD - June 2011 - Statistics and Applied Mathematics - University of California Santa Cruz
    Dissertation: Statistical Modeling for Dark Energy and the Associated Cosmological Constants
  • MS - May 2007 - Mathematics - San Jose State University
    Thesis: Investigation of Repeated Measures Linear Regression Methodologies
  • BS - May 2002 - Applied and Computational Mathematics (emphasis in Statistics) - San Jose State University