Final Project

 Final Project - 100 point assignment  (20% of the course grade)

11/1-11/8  Assigned in class

11/10  Proposal due                                  (5 points)     1 per team

11/22 Collected data due (with a photo)   (10 points)     1 per team

12/6  Written part due - 2 page limit        (60 points)     each person

12/20 Oral presentation day                     (25 points)     1 per team


Proposal due 11/10

A paragraph describing the designed experiment. Describe any factors and levels. What type of design, how many replicates, how many blocks or nested factors?  How many test units you will need? 

A second paragraph describing: H0, the type of analysis you plan to use (eg. ANOVA and a distribution-free test) and the three assumptions that need checking for ANOVA.  Also, include the alpha value you are going to use. 

Project options: Nested (treatment and sub-treatment), cross-over study, blocked (one treatment and one block), 2-way (2 treatment), 2^k factorial (k=3), repeated measures (one treatment), maybe one-way ANOVA unbalanced design, maybe regression,...


Collected data due 11/22

- a table or chart with the data values and factors and levels

-R vectors of how the data will be entered. For example, if I have a treatment variable with two levels and a blocking variable with 4 blocks, then y=c(2,5,4,3,2,5,6,3) and treatmentA=c(1,1,1,1,2,2,2,2) and blockB=c(1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4)

-a picture of the data collection process

-3 to 5 sentences describing how data was collected and any randomizing considerations


Written Report due 12/1 (one per person)

Be specific - start with your proposal paragraphs. Describe the data collection. Give the analysis output, conclusions, assumption checks, and also a distribution-free test.  You may need to include a boxplot or Tukey test to determine which level(s) of the treatment are the best. Anything required for the slides should be in the report.  (attach all R code on a separate sheet).  Please also attach your graded proposal and graded data collection pages as well.


Oral presentation (exactly 7 slildes)   (120 minutes for 16 projects - 5 minute max. )

  1. Type of experimental design used and explain the experiment (treatments, blocks, levels, repeated measures…)
  2. A photo(s) of your data collection
  3. Define any statistical terms used  (nested, blocks, treatment, levels, sphericity, )
  4. Describe H0 practically and show ANOVA results  (H0 in words, ANOVA table, retain/reject)- code that produced it
  5. Show results of the 3 assumptions, is ANOVA a valid method? 
  6. Explain and show results for one distribution-free test (Ch12)
  7. Make real world conclusion  (boxplots and Tukey test as needed)

*you will be required to listen to the other presentations and give feedback as part of your grade.